Take control over each section of hair

thanks to Hair Styling Clips

These professional and lovely sectioning clips are perfect when you style, straighten, blow-dry, color or cut your client’s hair. ColorCuts Hair Styling Clips are irreplaceable in a hairdresser’s kit. Strong and durable, they brilliantly hold the hair in place, not slipping or leaving creases on the hair. Made from quality material, they are essential whenever you color, style or condition your client’s hair. The strong springs in the clips allow them to adjust to all types of hair regardless of the density, thickness and length.

Hair Styling Clips -

aesthetic and practical,
specially made for hairstylists

Hair clips from ColorCuts are essential tools at any salon! They are extremely useful when cutting, coloring or styling any type of hair. Their shape and size will make your job much easier while the strong springs will adapt to any hair no matter its density, thickness or length. Also, you don’t need to worry about creases on hair. ColorCuts clips will hold the foils when you color, highlight, style the hair or apply conditioning treatments. These are a must-have for any hairdresser!

Hair Styling Clips

Hairdressing clips for
coloring and styling

Clips from ColorCuts -

quality for your clients

For your salon, choose only top-quality products - try the set of four extremely useful and durable clips that will go through many treatments, coloring procedures, styling techniques and still look brand new! Their beautiful colors will make your salon look more attractive and will put your clients in a good mood. The top-grade material is unaffected by hair dyes and lighteners, therefore the clips stay untouched and look like new. You will enjoy using them for a very long time! They are surely the most durable hair clips that you have used so far! At the same time, such accessories are extremely comfortable for a client: no tugging or creasing the hair. They are strong but feel light.

Pick extremely useful
durable and lovely hair clips!

Why does it pay to add ColorCuts Hair Styling Clips to your hairdresser’s kit? Because they are extremely durable and quality, plus they look lovely and are very useful working well on all types of hair, including curly, thick, thin, long hair or hair extensions. They are cut out for sectioning and holding hair in place - each clip grips the hair safely without causing any damage! A brilliant tool for colorists and hairstylists.

I can’t imagine working at my salon without these clips - seem such an important gadget but make all the difference!

Sophie, 38

WOW! These clips are indestructible! And look so lovely!

Mia, 27

My clients love all gadgets from ColorCuts for their colors, quality and pleasing the eye!

Penny, 32

Extremely light, comfortable and precise hair clips! I wouldn’t do without them!

Sarah, 41



ColorCuts enjoy great popularity with hair stylists and colorists across the world. They all agree these are the best accessories for professional colorization. They’re highly rated for being innovative, looking lovely, providing comfort for both colorists and clients, and caring for the environment. ColorCuts guarantee a perfect hair color that dazzles everyone around!

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