Take full control

and master all hair coloring techniques!

Are you tired of strands of hair slipping away during the coloring process? Are you looking for solutions that will allow you to facilitate the procedure and cut its time in half? Take full control and color even the shortest and thinnest strands! Hair Coloring Board Set includes perfect, durable and aesthetic boards for hair coloring and highlighting. These stable tools enable you to apply color quickly and keep the process hygienic. The boards are comb-ended so that you can color the roots easily.

Hair Coloring Board Set -

durable and extremely useful
boards for hair coloring
Try the innovative and convenient-to-use comb-ended hair color boards that help hairdressers go smoothly through any hair coloring process. With the Hair Coloring Board Set, they apply color quickly and easily! The boards provide hygiene standards and improve the esthetics of the procedure, plus prevent color stains and help color the longest hair. You can forget old slippery boards that needed to be supported with a comb and were hard to hold them near the scalp. ColorCuts boards have a comb to deliver maximum comfort at work. Such a tool eases application of color from the roots.

Hair Coloring
Board Set

Hair color boards for hairdressers, 3 pieces

With Hair Coloring Board Set

you care for your staff and clients’ comfort

From now on, every hair coloring session can go smoothly and meet hygiene standards thanks to the stable and practical hair color boards from ColorCuts. They will help you keep your work environment clean and hygienic, save your clients from color stains, and cut the color application time in half. The boards from the Hair Coloring Board Set are extremely useful: you won’t need to move and adjust the paddle all the time because the comb holds the section of hair that you work on. They have an optimal size and will help you color the longest hair. Hair Coloring Board Set is a perfect addition to your hairdressing supplies - your client will notice and appreciate the new lovely accessory right off!

Hair color boards -
easy to use

Hair Coloring Board Set is easy to use and extremely practical. Both your clients and staff will appreciate it. How to use the boards?

You just need to place the paddle near the scalp and put a chosen section of hair on it - the teeth of the paddle will hold the section separating it from the rest of the hair. Because the tool is made from durable and strong material, it can be used during application of color on the longest hair.

Holding a comb and a slippery paddle in one hand was something I never got the hang of! After a day of work my hands always felt faint! It’s not a problem now because the Hair Coloring Board Set makes it all so easy. It’s a brilliant accessory and a must-have at any salon.

Pam, 39

I can’t do without it whenever I apply hair dyes at work! The best hairdresser’s color board for full colors and balayage.

Lily, 26

Very practical and lovely hair color paddles, both my staff and clients love them. I’m crazy about all the accessories from ColorCuts. Highest quality!

Natalie, 40



ColorCuts enjoy great popularity with hair stylists and colorists across the world. They all agree these are the best accessories for professional colorization. They’re highly rated for being innovative, looking lovely, providing comfort for both colorists and clients, and caring for the environment. ColorCuts guarantee a perfect hair color that dazzles everyone around!

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