Take full control of hair coloring process

and avoid stains on the skin!

Cleaning wet wipes are essential at any hair salon! With them, you can easily remove the stains from the skin that might appear during the coloring process.The ColorCuts Color Remover Wipes take a second to clear the skin of even dark hair dye marks. They are an essential tool for all colorists, making their job much easier and also increasing the client’s comfort. You can forget color stains on the skin and make every coloring procedure go smoothly!


aesthetic and practical
wet wipes for hair colorists

Have you ever struggled to remove hair color stains rubbing the skin way too harsh? Why not change it now? You can easily clear the skin on the face, neck or hands of any hair color stains. It is possible thanks to the ColorCuts Color Remover Wipes. The comfortable-to-use wipes come in a nice box that keeps them fresh and moist. They have a pleasant fresh scent and are gentle on the skin but merciless towards all pigments from hair dyes. Thanks to the durable material, the wipes are tear-resistant. They are soft and provide comfort.

Remover Wipes

Wet wipes for removing hair dye stains

Make the hair coloring

process more pleasurable!

Rubbing a cotton pad on stained skin and using improper products may cause skin irritations and surely doesn’t make a client feel comfortable. You can change that and increase the prestige of your salon by choosing the hygienic and aesthetic wipes, Color Remover Wipes. Infused with the properly-composed liquid, they will remove all stains from hair dyes without the need for rubbing the skin. Such a small change to your hairdressing tool kit makes all the difference for your clients’ satisfaction!

With Color Remover Wipes
you care for your clients’ skin!

The ColorCuts wipes are specially made for removing the hair color stains but apart from handling all kinds of smudges and marks, they brilliantly condition and nourish the skin. The formula is mild for the skin and merciless towards the hair dye. On top of that, the ColorCuts wipes have a moisturizing effect and soothe irritated skin thanks to added provitamin B5, bisabolol and allantoin. The specially-composed formula relieves the skin and also disinfects it. Color Remover Wipes provide hygiene and comfort because they are disposable and formulated without parabens, paraffin or formaldehyde.

Color Remover Wipes

- easy use
ColorCuts hair color removing wipes are extremely easy to use. Take a wipe out of the box and use it to remove hair dye smudges by lightly pressing it to the skin and gently rubbing it until the stain disappears. Close the box after use to keep the wipes fresh and moist. Don’t use the wipes on damaged or irritated skin.

I often have trainee hairdressers in my salon. To make their job easier I like to try different accessories for more efficient work. Color Remover Wipes prove one of the best innovations in a hairdresser’s supplies kit!

Vicky, 45

I remember myself as a hairdresser beginner - removing hair color stains was the most daunting. It would take forever and really stress me and a client out. There were no right products to handle the marks. I think Color Remover Wipes are a true game-changer for colorists!

Patricia, 39

I think I wouldn’t do without Color Remover Wipes at work. It’s a must-have at any hair salon!

Ines, 28



ColorCuts enjoy great popularity with hair stylists and colorists across the world. They all agree these are the best accessories for professional colorization. They’re highly rated for being innovative, looking lovely, providing comfort for both colorists and clients, and caring for the environment. ColorCuts guarantee a perfect hair color that dazzles everyone around!

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